New York State Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

Here you can check all the lottery draws in the state of new york, also you can see the schedule, game days and prize details.

Lottery History

Even if you are only interested in seeing the winning numbers of your favorite lottery drawing in the New York State Lottery, it is essential that you know at least some of its history.

The New York Lottery was established in 1967 and is considered one of the most modern lottery systems in the United States. One of the main characteristics is the commitment with social works, allocating part of the income to educational purposes.

Main draws

Each lottery has several draws, today we will mention the main draws in the new york lottery, our content will only include the win 4 game, numbers, pick 10, lotto and take 5.


In this game you can win prizes up to $500, you have to choose three numbers and select the style of play. Some of the styles you can choose from are: box, straight, combination, pair and straight/box.

Win 4

Win 4 is similar to numbers, but here you can win prizes up to $5,000 and the numbers to be selected must be 4.

Pick 10

With a prize of $500,000 pick 10 is one of the favorites, to play this draw you only have to make your selection of 10 numbers or if you prefer to use QP.


The lotto is the accumulated draw of the New York Lottery, it has an initial prize of 2 million and it increases until someone wins it. Select your 6 numbers plus 1 additional bolus.

Take 5

In this sweepstakes you can participate every day, it also has drawings twice a day, the prize you can win will depend on the number of correct guesses you have.

Drawing Calendar

Below you will find a list with all the drawings, you will be able to see the days you can play each one and the time of the live drawing.

Prizes and Combinations

When we play a lottery drawing we always want to know with which combinations we can win prizes, well, now we are going to detail the prizes and combinations of the main lottery drawings in the new york lottery.

The prizes and combinations that are going to be shown are just some of them, if you want to see more of each game, in this same page you can go to each section.