Numbers New York Lottery

Choosing a draw to play can be a complicated task, since we usually choose one that we don't know well its structure. That is why we have made this analysis of the numbers draw of the new york lottery since it is one of the easiest to play and offers very attractive prizes. But first of all, do you want to know how to play and how to win numbers? Continue reading and you will find everything you need to know before playing.

Play numbers: Play numbers every day, you have the chance to play twice a day. The live draw takes place at 2:30 pm and 10:30 pm. Choose your favorite numbers from 1 to 9 and play $0.5 or $1, with numbers you can play automatic or manual.

Win numbers Today we will talk about 3 ways you can win numbers, with straight play, box play and combination plays you have many ways to be a winner.

Straight play: If the winning numbers are 245 and your selection is also 245 you will win $250 for $0.5 and $500 for only $1.

Box plays: You win two ways with 3-way-box and 6-way box, to win with 3-way box the winning numbers should be 255 and your play 255,525 and 552. You can win $160 for only $1 and $80 for $0.5. 6-way box has better odds of winning if you play 213 to win the results should be 213, 123, 312, 321, 132 and 231. You will win $40 for $0.5 and $80 for only $1.

Combination plays Your winnings will depend on how you play either a 3-wa combination or a 6-way combination. Both ways of playing allow you to win regardless of the order of the numbers results you can win $250 and up to $500.