Cash 4 New York Lottery

In New York Cash 4 Life it is one of the draws of the American Lottery for which five numbers from 1 to 60 must be chosen; in addition to Cash Ball a number from 1 to 4 is selected. To win the maximum prize of Cash 4 Life, the six numbers of the ticket must match the winning combination of six numbers drawn.

New York Cash 4 Life Awards: - In this raffle the first prize is won $ 1,000 per person every day for life - Second prize is $ 1,000 per week for life. - A winner of any of the prizes for life can choose in cash (7 or 1 million respectively), instead of the payments for life. allows you to see the results of the latest numbers of the Cash 4 Life draw Schedule: The Cash 4 Life raffle is held every Monday and Thursday at 8:45 pm.



Friday 22 Jan 2021

New York cash 4 life

If you want the sound of getting $1000 daily throughout entire your remaining life, then Cash4Life grants you the opportunity to win specifically the same. is having a great team of professionals that are in the field for over a decade; they can surely assist you to win the game. We have organized a frequency graph that displays how much time the Cash4life Winning Numbers New York was picked. Our system will help you in getting and learn to spot the patterns, which will raise your chances of becoming a winner.

Cash4Life if a wondrous lottery that awards a jackpot prize funded out for life figured at $7 million. This lottery emphasizes a simple to play format, fabulous winning odds and nine fantastic prize divisions. Match only five numbers from a pool of 1-60 and the supplementary Cash Ball to be a winner of the jackpot in the draws organized every Monday & Thursday. Win and be a winner of the lottery for the rest of your life.