Pick 10

Are you lost among so many lottery draws, if so, don't worry, here we want to help you choose the best lottery draw that suits your style. And possibly the best one is pick 10 from new york.

Pick 10 is just what you were looking for. Its ease of play makes it one of the best, if we talk about prizes and price it is the perfect thing to play.

How to play pick 10

For only $1 you can play pick 10 and this draw is performed every day live on several local TV channels.

Choose your 10 favorite numbers and participate in pick 10, your selection must be between 01 to 80, in pick 10 you can also make your automatic and manual play as well.

With quick pick you can play pick 10 very easy, this quick number selection will be done randomly by the machine.

How to win pick 10

Pick 10 allows you to win in 6 different ways, at least 1 out of 17 plays is a winner, here is a list of the combinations that you can win.