Take 5 midday new york lottery

This lottery is very easy to play, it is so simple that you just have to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 39. There are 4 prize levels and to win the jackpot your play must match the five winning numbers.

If you want to win money fast then using instant win should be your choice, matching one or more of the selected numbers earns you $1 immediately. this type of play is valid for both draws.

every day you can play take 5 midday just make your play before 11:00 pm because the winning numbers are determined at 11:21 PM EST.

Like all New York Lottery drawings in take 5 midday you can claim your prize within 1 year after the drawing. All prizes up to $600 can be claimed at any lottery retailer.

Prizes over $600 must be claimed at New York Lottery customer service centers, or a claim can be submitted by mail.