New York Lottery Win 4 Evening

Every day you can participate in Win 4 Evening, you can do it at noon at 12:20 pm or at night at 7:30 EST. An important fact is that the lottery closes 10 minutes in advance.

Anyone can win win 4 evening but it takes more than luck. it is logical that you must have knowledge of which plays have better odds.

In this draw you have some advantages and one of them is that you can play with instant win and win $1 immediately and not only that, the best thing is that your play is valid for both draws.

One of the ways to increase the winnings in win 4 evening are those special days that you can use booster ball, they can increase from 5%, 10% or 20% and the best of all is that it is free. In those days there is also a second drawing after the official drawing to determine the amount of the Booster.